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Welcome to Three Rivers Dental.

Three Rivers Dental Group provides professional dental care to the Missoula area. We believe in assisting our clients so that they may achieve healthy smiles, and thus healthy lives. We are committed to the Missoula community and all that makes it smile.

Dr. Andy Althauser and team provide expert care in all phases of treatment, from preventive to reconstructive, as well as implants and cosmetics.

We Believe

We believe that healthy teeth
promote healthy lives.

We believe that healthy lives, unencumbered by disease, enable us to pursue our passions.

We believe this is best achieved
by prevention.

Client Testimonial

The first thing I noticed at Three Rivers Dental was how well I was treated by everyone - doctor, receptionist, dental hygienist, chair-side assistants ... all were friendly and personable.

The next thing I noticed was the care. I didn't encounter anyone who was "going through the motions" but whose attention was elsewhere. Always the focus was on my dental issues, including ensuring I was comfortable with individual procedures as well as with the treatment in general.

Then I discovered the assistants were trained in various areas of specialization. The doctor would drop by occasionally to check on progress and the quality of their work. I could sense an air of competence in their actions, and saw how each took pride in doing her specialty well.

Over time, I realized the office philosophy was to recommend what was best for me in the long run, even if it seemed expensive at the time. I followed their recommendations, and have never regretted it.
– Mike O'Conner

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